Personnel Affairs

Personal Affairs

Employees Manangement System


  • The system records all operations performed by each user (employee) which helps evaluate the work of the employees, detecting the errors, setting responsibilities and take the necessary actions for amendments
  • The system manages the financial affairs for the employees by calculating their salaries automatically through inputs on the system to ensure saving time and effort and the accuracy in the calculation of salaries.
  • The system also applies the rules of reward and punishment associated with attendance and leave, in case of buying the Payroll Module.


  • The system works via the Internet which makes it easier for the user to use it at any place.
  • The system connects all departments to each other, which gives the decision-maker the necessary information and reports for the appropriate decision in a timely manner.
  • It contains various reports that help with the decision making.
  • The system has an effective role in the extraction of documents and paperwork automatically without the need to write them manually.
  • The system supports multiple users and sets certain authorities for each, which guarantees security and monitoring.
  • The system has confidentiality, consistency and security for the databases of each organization.
  • The system periodically creates a database backup to ensure data safety.
  • The system supports mobile phones and tablets for ease of use.
  • The system is compatible with different devices such as barcodes and attendance devices.
  • The system is designed to link the ¬†institution documents with ISO documents.
  • The system is designed to merge with other systems if required.

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