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Sales Management System Customer Accounts Manager Download Brochure Benefits Link each customer to the price list and tax system just once during the configuration process of your ERP sales manaegment system. Learn the customer’s history and debt before the selling process Review and reserve available stocks located at more than one store (Authorized users) Certain discounts […]



Purchasing System With suppliers accounts manager Download Brochure Benefits The system helps the employer (Client) to professionally deal with the market’s various mechanisms through statistics and reports generated by the system itself The system adds all types of expenses related to the purchasing document and chooses its distribution method. The system supports multiple currencies and […]



Payroll Management System Download Brochure Benefits The ERP Payroll system specializes in calculating entitlements and deductions associated with each employee for each accounting period. It is an integrated system that includes calculating delays and overtime, plus overtime hours. The system allows some salary sections  to work according to the job title, management or to the […]


Personnel Affairs

Personal Affairs Employees Manangement System Download Brochure Benefits The system records all operations performed by each user (employee) which helps evaluate the work of the employees, detecting the errors, setting responsibilities and take the necessary actions for amendments The system manages the financial affairs for the employees by calculating their salaries automatically through inputs on […]



Accounting System Automate your financial accounting process. Download Brochure Benefits In an Invoice, the system can either display or hide the tax. Through the Accounting module, the system analyzes and aggregates all kinds of documents and creates journal entries. The system has the ability to create more than one financial tree, and facilitates banking business. […]



Production System (By Industry) Download Brochure Benefits The production system of each organization is designed according to its own system and the kind of its manufacturing process. However, in any case, the system includes manufacturing processes so that each final product has an input combination that can be used to describe the completion of  various […]



Warehouse Management System Download Brochure Benefits The system can show the inventory size according to the daily coverage which helps the client with the production process. It helps with the transfer between warehouses, it can even create virtual warehouses. The system doesn’t allow the repetition of an item of client code, but only the registration […]

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