Frequently Asked Questions

E.R.P. is an abbreviation for the expression; Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a system that works via computers, portable phones and tablets organizing resources for organizations.

An E.R.P. system links the processes that take place in or within each department such as account management, sales, warehousing, purchasing…etc. on a single database which facilitates following the work flow in an organization.

Ease of use through a user-friendly interface that allows the user to deal with more than one management in a simplified way by linking different managements together.

Processes are:

  • Planning process
  • Production process
  • Marketing & Sales processes
  • Storing process
  • Accounting & Costing process

The number of users is unlimited since the system works via the internet which allows multiple users each with their own username and password.

It is possible to merge E.R.P with other systems after the technical support engineers know the language of the database tables.

You can do that through a specially designed Excel sheet (tabularized) which is sent to the client in order to fill it out with the organization data, then uploaded to the new E.R.P. system.

No, not necessarily, it can be managed by technical support staff in the organization according to the terms of the contract between the parties (the seller and the buyer).

ERP systems work via the Internet and can be operated internally through the organization’s internal network, but this wastes the advantage of following up the work flow from outside the organization.

Of course there is minimum requirements for the used devices in order to operate faster leading to an easier way of exporting data.

No, The company employees undergo training sessions to be well capable of using the system.

The training period is not long, since the E.R.P. system is quite easy to deal with.

In that case, some of the company’s trusted employees undergo the training, for them to be trainers in order to train the organization’s newly employed personnel.